Storm Damage Repair

On the list of things that Florida is known for, you don’t have to go very far to get to hurricanes and deal with storm damage. Hurricane season is always a reminder of how important it is to have a safe roof over our heads. However, it’s not the only cause of storm damage.

Florida has its fair share of hailstorms, tornados and other storms with strong winds.

These storms can damage your roof in a variety of ways. Due to the frequency of such storms in Florida, wind storm damage is typically covered by homeowner’s insurance.

If you have catastrophic storm damage to your roof and need to tarp off the exposed areas to your home, give us a call immediately. We provide 24-hour emergency assistance.

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Secured Roofing & Restoration can help you navigate the tedious and complicated process of filing an insurance claim. We come to your home, assess the damage and then present a quote to your insurance company directly. We will be there every step of the way and work with your insurance adjuster to assure an easier process and positive outcome.

Water and Hail Damage

Water can severely damage your roof. In Florida, it is best to look at your homeowners insurance policy to check for flood damage. Most water damage is covered if it is from sudden internal issues like your water heater rupturing. However, damage from storms isn’t always insured. If you find that your policy doesn’t include flood insurance, you might want to talk to your insurance agent to add it to your policy before hurricane season.

Ice and hail are typically covered by your homeowners insurance, but take a look at the policy to be sure.

Lightning Damage

If your home or location is struck by lightning, the damage is typically covered by homeowners insurance. Typical damage like smoke and fire damage is covered, but you may want to check your policy for other types of damages including power surges that may have damaged your personal electronics or appliances. As always talk to your agent for full coverage details.

Wind Damage

Homeowners insurance typically covers wind damage. Typical wind damage covered is when the wind rips off your shingles or even if wind-driven rain has gotten inside of your home. Check your policy if it covers fallen trees that damage your home due to wind damage.

What is the Typical Process?

1. Inspection

Fill out the form on this page or call in to request a roofing specialist to come to your home. They will assess the damage and provide you with a plan for restoration.

2. Reach Out to Insurance

At Secured Roofing & Restoration, we work directly with your insurance company. Once our specialist has assessed the damage, they will reach out to your insurance provider and present them with a quote and damage assessment.

3. Insurance Adjuster Appointment

Once the insurance company is given a quote, they will want to set up an appointment to confirm the damages. The insurance company will call YOU first. Let us know of the appointment and we will work with them in your stead to discuss the details of the damage and confirm our initial assessment.

4. Approval and Restoration

Once everything is approved and you are awarded your damages, we will schedule a date to begin restoring your property to brand new. We lay out all the details and timelines so that you can prepare yourself for the upcoming project.